CaoFeiDian Zero Carbon Office

  • Location:Tangshan Caofeidian, Hebei
  • Description:Zero carbon office building
  • Total:5.000 m2
  • Design:2010
  • Status:设计阶段/Design
  • Client:Caofeidian Eco City Government

Tangshan CaoFeiDian is a new area that is developed as an eco-city. Individual buildings should meet high sustainability standards.

The design for the Zero Carbon Buildings is based on a bio-climatic design approach. Designers use the climate data and zero carbon technology to calculate the future energy consumption, use the brief from the client to design the floorplans and relations in the building, and look at the location to see what is the best position for the building.
Main design topics to lower the energy consumption of the building are energy-efficiency, good daylighting and good solar shading. The energy production is done with a geothermal system and a photo-voltaic system.